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We make publishing your reality.

We are Self-Publishing with Support

Your book is your priority. Our priority is you. We build tools and services that let you focus on writing while we take care of layout, publishing, distribution, print-on-demand paperbacks, and more.

Keep writing. We’re here for the rest.

Choose from dozens of free templates to give your book a beautiful, professional layout. Plus, our templates work from any browser, on any operating system (even mobile!)

How much does it cost?

The bottom line is we charge no fees for formatting or updating your ebook.
When you distribute through Draft2Digital, and a reader buys a copy of your eBook, we’ll take 10% of the retail price of that book, for that sale.
That means we only make money when you make money. We have no upsells, no service packages, no fees of any kind.
Set your price to whatever you want—even free.
Make as many changes as you want to your ebook, update the cover, distribute it to any and every sales channel you want—it’s your ebook, your choice, and your world.

What our authors have to say.

Reach readers with the industry’s most powerful marketing tools.

With powerful, industry-first and industry-leading tools such as automated endmatter, pristine metadata, error detection and live status announcements, we set authors up to win. And the list of promotional tools keeps growing.
Books2Read, our author promotions powerhouse, includes New Release Notifications, Universal Book Links (UBLs), B2R Author Pages, B2R Book Tabs, and new, upcoming tools that are just going to keep getting better.
Back at Draft2Digital, we empower authors with our Promotions Tab, where you can set up scheduled price promotions and free promotions, edit your UBLs, see recent sales, and more.
We’re continuing to build our merchandising muscle. Our relationships with leading book retailers online often mean we’re the first to hear about new and upcoming promotions, and we make sure our authors get to the promotions that fit their books the best. We’ll continue to build our merchandising platform as you grow.

We support authors.

You are not alone. When you email or call our support team, you're communicating with a real-live, highly-trained, actual human who cares about you and your books. If you need help or have questions, contact us.
Learn how the industry’s best support works (and anything else you need to know about Draft2Digital)
by reading our FAQ.


Books2Read is our reader-facing, author-empowering tool, loaded with industry-first and industry-leading tools to help promote you and your books.
Universal Book Links (UBLs) — a single link that lets readers click through to your books everywhere they’re sold online. Customize your UBL to use in marketing materials, and never worry about them expiring or becoming obsolete. They can be updated manually or automagically, with just a click. Learn more about UBLs
B2R Author Pages — consider these your home away from home page. If you don’t have a website, our Author Pages can do the job, giving you a place to send readers when they want to know more. Or use them as the “Books Page” for your existing website. Each Author Page can include your photo and bio, plus customizable carousels of your books, organized however you like. Learn more about B2R Author Pages
B2R Book Tabs — Powered by our Universal Book Links, a Book Tab is a product page that promotes your book without distractions. No ads, no also-boughts, no “find it cheaper” recommendations. Just your cover and book description, and a handy “GET IT NOW” button. You can also include a custom carousel if your book is part of a series. Learn more about B2R Book Tabs