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!!!! ALERT about Kobo!!!
Please be aware of a temporary synchronization discrepancy affecting the displayed publication status of books on through our platform. Due to a delay in the system checks that identify whether books are live or have been delisted, you may notice inconsistencies in the displayed status of your titles. This means that books currently live on might be shown as not live, and vice versa for delisted books. We want to assure you that this issue does not affect the actual status of your books. Titles continue to go live within 24 hours of submission and delist at the same speed. There is no impact on your ability to publish or remove content from sale; the discrepancy only lies in the visual confirmation of these actions on our platform.

What can you do to verify the listing status?
To verify the live status of your content directly, please use the Kobo link provided on your book dashboard.If your book has never been listed on before this submission, your book may not have an active link to Kobo. In this case, please copy the ISBN under the cover on the View Book page (My Books--> Click the Title), then paste it into the search field on to verify the listing status.

No further action is required from your side, and we are working diligently to resolve this display issue as quickly as possible.

Phone support will not be offered during the week of 5/20-5/24 due to a very high volume of submissions and inquiries.  Our team is putting a large focus on email support at this time.  We look forward to assisting you, and we appreciate your patience as our team works diligently to answer inquiries via email support.

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8am - 5pm Central Time daily

For help with an issue or to report a problem, we recommend contacting our Author Support using the email address below. This will generate a support ticket in our system so you can receive help faster.



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