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May 2023

Section 19(i): Change of business address.

November 2021

Section 17(a): Clarify indemnity and the right of D2D to withhold or suspend payment of royalties under certain circumstances.

Section 17(c): New section that limits users to one account without prior written approval of D2D.

April 2021

Section 6: "Storefront" Terms of Sale New section describes that the site may contain a storefront or cart feature which will enable you to make a purchase through the site.

Section 7: Change Tokens New section describes process of making changes to Print book works via change tokens.

Section 11: Pricing and Program Terms 11d: Clarification of ability of D2D to adjust list price of one or more of your works in order to prevent from incurring a “negative” royalty.

Section 19: General Legal Provisions 19e: Stipulating this agreement is made in English language only which shall be controlling in all respects.

February 2021

Change from “eBook(s)” to “Work(s)” Update to include the distribution of both digital and physical books.

Section 3: Online Bookstores “Online Bookstores” will now be referred to as “Retailers”.

Section 7: Program Eligibility and Registration New sections (e, k) regarding participation and ownership eligibility.

Section 15: Representations, Warranties and Indemnities Update to indemnity clause without prior written consent.

Section 17: General Legal Provisions Addition of pandemics, epidemics, and the like to this section regarding failure or delay in performance.

March 2018

Section 10: Payments We've made a change to our minimum payment threshold for checks from 25.00 to 100.00. This change will become effective April 1, 2018.

December 2017

New Section 5: Third Party Websites We’ve added this to clarify we cannot control and are not liable for your interaction with third parties and third-party websites you may find through our site.

New Section 11: Books to Read We’ve added this to reference our Books2Read website and Universal Book link that are governed by additional terms and conditions found here.

Section 12: New Release Notifications We’ve added this to reference our new release notification program that is free of charge.

Section 14: Property Rights in the Site and Program We’ve added this to reiterate that we own the website and program, but do not own authors’ content or third-party content, products, etc. We’ve also added steps to contact us if users feel their rights may have been infringed or violated by a book on our site we have distributed.