What are your library payment options?

Draft2Digital utilizes two payment structures, simultaneously, for ebooks distributed to library systems: OCOU and CPC. Both payment structures are turned on for your account by default, and OCOU is required for library distribution, and cannot be disabled.

Let’s take a look at how both OCOU and CPC work:

Most public libraries lend ebooks just as they lend physical books. Once the book is checked out, it is no longer available for others until it is returned. This checkout practice is referred to as “One Copy, One User” (OCOU). If a library wants to lend to more than one person at a time, they must purchase each book copy separately just as they would for physical copies.

Cost Per Checkout (CPC) allows libraries access to the same title for more than one user. Instead of a fixed price, libraries are granted access to a title and then pay per each loan of the e-book. For each checkout through CPC, the author is paid 1/10 the price of a full purchase, however, CPC allows an unlimited amount of people to check out a library’s e-book at any given time. This allows librarians to take risks on which books to include in their system which may help expose authors to new readers.

When you choose Draft2Digital Library Distribution services, you will automatically be subscribed to the CPC model where available. If you would like to avoid using the CPC model you can turn this option off by changing your settings in My Account.

Availability One copy, one user Multiple Copies, multiple users
Library Cost Fixed price per book 1/10 price of full purchase price
D2D Library Distribution Always on On by default, removable
Discoverabilty Low High
Term Length Book is purchased to own On opt-out, book is unavailable