The Day My Best Friend and a Migraine Slept Over

by Audrey Beth Stein

Product Description:

Will an eight-year-old girl's much-anticipated plans for a very special day with her best friend be derailed by a stealthy migraine headache?


This colorful story follows two young girls on the occasion of a big sleepover—with roller-skating, glow-in-the-dark stickers, blanket forts, and a special adventure all on the agenda. The narrator is torn between trying to have fun with her friend and conceding to the increasing throbbing in her head.


But the eight-year-old has learned to manage. She pays attention to her body, and with a little help from Mom and Dad, the sleepover happens in spite of the migraine, with all the fun and joy you would expect. Along the way, readers learn about the ways a migraine comes on, what it feels like, how to cope, and how it runs its painful course. And that special adventure? Well, let's not give everything away before you read the book!


A book for children with insights for adults, The Day My Best Friend and a Migraine Slept Over illuminates this often invisible—but surprisingly common—condition. (About 10% of kids aged 5 to 15 get migraines, and the numbers are even higher for adults.) Both author and illustrator drew on personal childhood experience to create this fictional story, and the authenticity shows throughout the book, with illustrations that are by turns lively, touching, and potent.