The Sigma Code Chronicles, #1

by J W Bell

Publisher: Indies United Publishing House

Product Description:

Bumbling and inept, Stan has no clue why everyone wants him dead. All sorts of people chase him. Stan runs from killers, the police, and an assassin. Even Sally, his shrink, gives him up to the police. Then he's the prime suspect in the murder of a senator's wife. What saves him is …. Well, there is this one quirk that only his shrink and he know — there are voices in his head, whole personalities, and their talents. But he's not crazy. He just doesn't know why he remembers things from his past lives. It makes his head swim because he cannot remember anything past last September when he woke up in a mental hospital. It is crazy, not insane, more like strange. His past life as a commando helps him hide in bars with men who have broken noses and no teeth. Things compound when he falls in love with his shrink. Then, Stan stumbles onto a plot, a political conspiracy, and with a bit of scratching around, he figures he may be involved in it. Now the Feds start nosing around. A female assassin draws the crosshairs in on him. She hunts him almost for sport. Stan runs, dodges bullets, and sorts through the mess, but questions remain until the last bullet flies at the end.