Dancing Devas

by Sophie Lizeray

Product Description:

When Vida chases her cheeky grasshopper friend Zazu out of her yard into the forest, they find themselves transported to the humid jungles of Southeast Asia. They stumble upon mysterious ruins when suddenly... SWISH! SHOVE! THUD! All around them, stone ruins and carvings start coming to life!

Will Vida and Zazu escape the fierce Giants and dodge the hissing mythical Serpents? How will they gatecrash the Apsara Fairy Queen's rambunctious dance party?

32 pages / 14 full color spreads


Dancing Devas is a lively and whimsical adventure book, inspired by Southeast Asian myths, art and architecture. It tells the story of an intrepid young child who discovers the mythical Giants, Nagas and Apsaras from Southeast Asia's legends and folklore.

Dancing Devas also includes an informational section with photographs, to get to know the different mythical characters encountered in the story.


Dancing Devas is Sophie Lizeray's third book and second picture book.


32 pages / 14 full color spreads