How A Donut Destroyed Earth (And Other Strange and Unusual Tales)

Tales From The Silver Claw Inn, #1

by Steven Capobianco

Product Description:

Have we told the story of how a donut destroyed Earth? No? Well, it's kind of an awkward story.


From the author of City of Kaiju and the upcoming Legends of Eifalia series comes a short fiction collection like no other. Fifteen hair-raising, weird, hilarious, and heartwarming tales. Whether it's a get rich quick scheme gone hilariously wrong or an emotional encounter with an author, there's a story for everyone.


Stories include:

--How an unlucky highrise overcomes a rat problem

--A magical spellbook with "hare"-raising results

--When meeting aliens becomes a cringefest.

--The worst bard in history.

--Your new favorite personal assistant might actually help for once.


And so much more. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll wonder how did a donut destroy Earth?