La Familia

Loose Ends, #1

by Corey Cepeda

Publisher: Razor Sharp Publishing LLC

Product Description:



The De Los Santos family has just been savagely attacked!  In an unprecedented act of cowardice, the brazen assassination attempt at Lucita's 10th birthday party went horribly wrong, slaughtering dozens of women and children. Catapulting into motion a series of events that can never be undone. A merciless drug dynasty in Mexico for over fifty years, they are now in critical danger of being ripped to shreds as they struggle between their loyalties to the drug empire they have built and with one another.

Vicente, The Boss of Bosses severely injured, will have his throne challenged not just by his enemies but by his own flesh and blood as he recovers. Ignacio, Vicente's oldest and power-hungry son, races to locate those responsible for the bombing while waiting impatiently in the shadows for his opportunity to be king.

Hot on his heels Aurelio, a powerful Lieutenant in the Mexican state police, and Vicente's brother. He will investigate the tragic events of the day, quickly realizing that something very sinister lies deep beneath the surface.

Gabriella will look to extract unimaginable revenge, while balancing the needs of her beautiful daughter and injured husband. Santino rushes home to provide support to his family, only to be sucked in the middle of their dysfunctional relationships. Bonds will be severed, alliances challenged, and hearts will be destroyed. Bloodshed and collateral damage will ensue when war is declared on and within the De Los Santos family.