Witchy Magic and Me, Maggie

by Cynthia Magriel Wetzler

Product Description:

Maggie takes on the threats of a grouchy old Cap'n Hatch on Nantucket with the magical help of her Grammy Apple and her little dog, Blissful.


Hi, I'm Maggie and I have to whisper something to you.

There are witchy doings on the island of Nantucket where I live. Seriously.

Can you believe sandpipers doing cartwheels on the beach and dune grasses doing backbends?

My father thinks I'm making it up to be dramatic or to find awesome things to draw for the art fair. But my dog, Blissful, knows it's magic—my witchy Grammy Apple's magic.

Uh-oh. Does this mean I'm a witch too? The kids at school will be so mean about it, maybe even pinch their noses when I pass by.

Even so, it would be kind of cool—to be a real witch, I mean.