Scarlet Desire, #2

by Tina Traverse

Product Description:

Secrets, betrayal, and a world of supernatural intrigue hidden in a Newfoundland fishing community - the sequel to Covet: Desire. Fresh off the death of their mother, Declynn isn't ready for her twin brother, Sebastian, and her best friend Scarlett to start fighting. When the predatory Trish Murray starts angling for Sebastian, Scarlett intends to teach her a lesson - but terrifies her beloved instead. The arrival of a new teenage vampire, Petra, soon occupies Declynn's energy. Between trying to handle her irascible twin's new interests in two mysterious organizations, a chain of murders in their small town, and her family falling apart, Declynn finds herself at the centre of everything. But when Scarlett's sinister ex-lover Elijah resurfaces, even tough-as-nails Declynn may not be able to keep them apart. What is Elijah up to? Can Sebastian and Scarlett patch things up? And will Declynn be able to control her own vices - or fall prey to generational struggles, and self-destruct?