The Yellow Scarf

by P. A. Duncan

Publisher: Unexpected Paths

Product Description:

A year after being medevacked from the disintegrating Yugoslavia, U.N. spy Mai Fisher is back for a new mission: investigating sniper ativity in Sarajevo. Despite her reluctance to be there, she gathers forensic data to prove who is behind the sniper killings.

On a cold Autumn morning she finds herself at the spot in Sniper Alley where, the day before, someone shot a young mother on her way to buy milk for her children. With the help of freelance war reporter Zachary Holbrook, Mai finds the proof she needs, but she also feels the pull of justice, not only for the young mother but for she lost here the year before.

Pushing the limits of safety, Mai and Zachary search for the sniper's nest, hoping for a clue to his identity. Mai's partner--and husband--Alexei Bukharin watches their quest and ponders whether the Balkans have given his wife a death wish.

When Mai's focus on her mission costs a life, her desire for justice becomes revenge, but it is Alexei who understands here in the Balkans sometimes vengeance is the only option.