To Bangladesh And Back

by Stephen Kelllegher

Publisher: Purple Unicorn Media

Product Description:

This book you are about to read is a day to day account of the things I did, the things I ate, but most of all the people I met when I went to Bangladesh for a holiday. It tells of when I was feeling fit as a fiddle to being sick as a dog. Also being brought to the brink of tears through happiness and sadness,to me it was like stepping back in time,non of the modern appliances like washing machines or things like that,the roads and the shops were not very modern either,no shelf stacking order whatsoever,if it fits it goes there,even the people seem to come from the past too.Many times during the holiday the things people would do or say would take me back to when I was younger with things like,going to the neighbours for your mum when you wanted your dinner or tea,nowadays many of the people won't even know the next door neighbour,all throughout the holiday I can only recall one or two fights which is not bad for a three month stay.The book also give the weather and the places I stopped and the houses I visited,all in all I hope you ,who are about to open it have as much fun reading it as I had living it and also I hope you get the chance to do what I did and it will be something you will always remember forever.