The Chivalrous Welshman, #4

by Brooke Shaffer

Product Description:

The Time industry has fallen, the Hands of Time have been overthrown, Walter and Micaiah have been captured, and Rifun and Cassius rule.

Dark times have come to the universe and a shadow of fear and uncertainty blankets the survivors, Tommen and Micah included. They knows it's only a matter of time before Rifun and Cassius begin to mop up, and they're prime targets, especially when the hounds of war are sent out to track down those who escaped the coup.

With the chain of command decimated and more questions than answers, the survivors can only rely on themselves and each other, and not always reliably. Their only hope to take back the Wheel of Time may come from an unlikely band of mystics, enemies of both Time and the Cult, but wielding unbelievable power, not only in Time, but Matter and Energy as well.

It's a game of blind man's bluff as the survivors work to become the victors, as long as they don't kill each other first.