Churn to Enjoy Bliss, Stability and a Heavenly Life (includes Brahma Kumaris Murli Extracts with Explanations)

by Brahma Kumari Pari

Product Description:

In this book there are explanations:

1. on murli extracts which have been taken from God's murlis that were provided in the Brahma Kumaris.

2. on the significance of the Hindu myth which is referred to as Samudra Manthan or 'Churning the Ocean of Milk'.

3. on what 'churning' means, etc.


Through churning the knowledge which is in this book:

1. you are directly exposed to the ocean of knowledge that is within God.

2. you enjoy numerous other benefits too. For example, you transform to become pure and divine. Then, you can live as a deity in the Golden Age (Ocean of Milk); you will look beautiful and will be constantly happy (like a beautiful, carefree butterfly) while you live in the Golden Age.


You will have a better understanding on all the above when you read this book. Through reading this book, you learn to churn so as to become spiritually powerful and enjoy happiness.