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Introducing Reading Lists from Books2Read!

What MVP really means for authors

Announcing Custom Carousels - A new away to customize your D2D Author Pages!

We just made D2D Author Pages even better with Custom Carousels

Back in March 2018 we introduced something pretty cool—our D2D Author Pages and D2D Book Tabs. These are your “homepage away from home” online, giving readers a way to discover your books and connect with you on your blog or social media, or even join your mailing list. They came pre-loaded with a lot of great features to help readers find and fall in love with your books.

How to create an audiobook from your ebook with D2D and Findaway Voices - D2D Answers

This one’s going to be really quick and easy: You can create an audiobook from your ebook by using Draft2Digital’s partner, Findaway Voices!

Book Launch Best Practices

The Worst and Best Ways to Launch Your Book – Part 2 

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the top five worst ways to handle your book launch. We just can’t leave this on a negative note, though. It would be wrong. So, in this post we’re diving into one possible strategy for doing your book launch right.

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