New and Improved Automated End-Matter from Draft2Digital!

Posted by: Kevin Tumlinson 3 years, 5 months ago

Today, D2D is rolling out new and improved Automated End-Matter, making it that much easier for you to get your book into a professional-looking format, without the time and work of doing it yourself. And of course, the service is free. Because that’s how we do this.

With automated end-matter, Draft2Digital takes over all the headaches and worries of keeping things up to date. The same amazing tech that gives you a beautiful and professional eBook conversion and print layout will make sure that all your books stay current with the latest info.

With Automated End-Matter, D2D will take care of updating and managing your:

  • Also By pages—Ensuring that every time you publish a new book, it gets included in this handy, built-in marketing tool, making it easy for readers to find
  • Contributor Bios—When you update your author profile, or any of your co-author and contributor bios, we’ll automatically update them in your books, where appropriate
  • Publisher Bios—Just like your author profiles, D2D will make sure that any changes to your publisher profiles will be reflected in your books
  • Copyright pages—Any changes you make will be automatically updated, everywhere it’s needed

With D2D managing all that on your behalf, you can focus less on managing updates and more on writing books. We figured you’d like that.

And for those with multiple pen names or multiple publisher profiles, no worries—updates are made only to the books associated with specific contributors. So there’s no “bleed over,” and no worries about books for one author appearing in the Also By of another author. We like to think ahead.

If you have used D2D’s generated end matter, you’re already opted in to automated updates!

No need to rush to your author dashboards, unless you just want to make some updates to your profiles, or upload a few new books. You can also opt out of automated end-matter, if you prefer.

Some of the geekier details:

In this release, we did a lot of things behind the scenes that you might not necessarily notice. These include: 

  • Moved auto-update end-matter toggle to End-matter page
  • Added Knowledge Base and FAQ entries for End Matter
  • Changed the End Matter section in My Account to Automated End-Matter
  • Removed Also By/New Release Notifications from "My Account"
  • Added a toggle on/off switch for Automated End-Matter
  • Added Account contributors end matter and Account Publishers end matter knowledge base entries.

Automated End-Matter from Draft2Digital is just one more way we’re working to make your author life that much easier. That’s kind of what we do.

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