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Posted by: Kevin Tumlinson 5 months ago

You can make money in publishing, even if you aren’t an author and don’t have a book!

Draft2Digital’s Refer a Friend program is perfect for bloggers, podcasters, and influencers with a large author following.

Here's a video walk-thru about how to get started:

Here’s how it works:

- Create an account and log in at

- Get your unique referral URL, which you can customize to make it easy to remember

- Share your link with your audience, through your blog, podcast, social media channels, or any other means of reaching authors

- For ONE FULL YEAR after your friends sign up, D2D will pay you 10% of OUR cut of that author’s royalties!

This is our favorite kind of business plan. The more the author makes, the more D2D makes, and the more you make! So it’s in the best interest of everyone to help every author sell as many books as possible. Everybody wins.

Get started by logging in and visiting your My Account page right now!

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