Google Play Books is an eBook digital distribution service operated by Google. They offer eBooks distribution to more than seventy countries, with over five million eBooks available worldwide.


Google Play Books uses a wholesale pricing model. This means that authors and publishers can set a recommended list price, and Google Play may discount the suggested retail price at their discretion.

Stores may lower your book's retail price to match the Google Play discount, and therefore It may be necessary to adjust your suggested retail price to accommodate this.

Suggested Wholesale Pricing will be added automatically when you opt-in all books at once. However, you can adjust this price if necessary, before publishing.

There is no minimum price at Google Play Books. You can list your book for free if you like! Otherwise, you'll price at 99-cents or above.


Authors who sell books on Google Play will be paid 44% of the wholesale price. If you use our recommended wholesale price, this will generally be about the same royalty you would receive on your standard pricing.

However, as mentioned above Google can sell the title for whatever price they want, but you will always be paid based on your wholesale price.


Google Play will not accept assetless preorders. You’ll need your book’s manuscript and cover.