Cold Secrets

A Swamp Yankee Mystery, #2

by James Y. Bartlett

Publisher: Yeoman House Books

Product Description:

Julius Haddock is mad as hell and he's gonna do something about it!

In Glitter Girl, Book One of the Swamp Yankee mysteries, Julius Haddock, the former chief of police of Little Penwick, Rhode Island, was in jail, thanks to a corrupt District Attorney and a few bent judges. Now, after some good police work by his son Gus Haddock, the new chief of police, he's out. And free.


Julius wants revenge, but he's going to get it on his own schedule. In the meantime, armed with his new private investigator's license, Julius decides to take another look at one of Little Penwick's coldest cases: the thirty-year-old murder of Donna Dixon, a seventeen year old who was abducted and killed while riding her bike to work at her summer job.


But as he starts to look into what happened to Donna thirty years ago, Julius Haddock finds that everyone seems to have some secrets from that long-ago time. And he even finds a few secrets in Little Penwick that are fresh and brand new.


But nobody doubts that Julius Haddock can figure out what happened. He's a Swamp Yankee, after all. Proud, determined and relentless.