A Collection of Pagan Stories

by Carl B. Spinner

Publisher: Carlos Benito Camacho

Product Description:

Do not linger at the entrance gate. Go beyond the book cover and delve into its inner content, and you will get trapped in a twilight zone of gripping tales from other worlds. This e-book is a collection of high-quality, spell-binding short stories, which take place in ancient Rome, South America, and Europe. Full of suspense, action, and eroticism, they are concisely and clearly written, in a literary fashion, with humor and supernatural elements. If you want to read something different, written from another cultural perspective, you will find this selection of fine literary works extremely fascinating.

'...Julius lived in a small town near Leipzig, Germany, when it happened, and it was exactly one O'clock in the afternoon on May 20, 2027, when he first noticed it; the dark spot in his house backyard. It was unusually warm for that time of year. He had taken a break from his work as a welder in his home workshop and was eating lunch outside in the shade of a mulberry tree when he suddenly realized that there was something wrong with the early afternoon sunlight. In the middle of the backyard there was a circle of darker shade where there had to be sunlight. At the beginning, he thought it might be a tiny passing cloud, casting its shadow down to earth. However, not only was it perfectly round, but it was much darker than ordinary shadow as it steadily floated on the lawn. Had it been projected by a low-flying passing cloud, it would have shifted and changed in shape. But this dark disk lay unwaveringly on the ground.

The spot measured about two feet in diameter. Looking at the big square garden from the stool he was sitting on, he had first noticed that one of the rose bushes, with its three red roses and a rose bud, did not get the strong summer sunlight. Then he looked more intently at it and became aware of the circle of dark shadow in which the rose bush was. It seemed to be projected down onto the lawn by something mysteriously hovering high above in heavens.

Julius looked up into the sky as he munched on a chunk of meat he had just cut off the fatty steak that lay in the plate nestling in his lap. As he could not see anything from where he was, he rose from the stool, put the plate with the steak on top of it, and walked to the middle of the backyard. Shielding his eyes with his hand, he squinted into the glaring sun for a short while, but he could not see anything as he only managed to get blinded by the strong light from the small solar star.

He went into the workshop, which was beside his house, picked up the welding helmet, and walked back into the backyard. He put it on and looked up into the sun again. But he could not see anything at all in the air in the direction of the sun, whose surface looked normal without the aid of a telescope.

The following day, at around eleven in the morning, as he had just finished welding a loose piece of pipe to a motorcycle frame, he looked into the backyard from his workshop. The sunshine was already splashing on the garden, but the spot of shade was not there. However, at 12:30 PM, as he took a break for a cool drink, he saw how the dark, round spot began to slowly appear. The first thing he perceived was the sliver of a black circle, like a black crescent moon, which grew gradually and steadily as the sun climbed past the zenith above. In a matter of ten minutes, the dark spot of shade had fully grown back on, but this time it was almost twice as large as it was the day before...' From "Judgment Day"