Like Blood In A Darkroom

by Christopher Marcus

Publisher: ShadeLight Publishing

Product Description:

Dec 31,  1997: Four friends from high school meet for one last time in an isolated holiday house to party all night before they go their separate ways. The only thing flowing more freely than the illegal drinks is nostalgic memories from four years together, and daring dreams of what comes next. But as the clock ticks toward 1998, only one thing is truly clear: That nothing is. Neither plans for the future, nor friendships you once thought would last forever.    


A tale about all the dreams all young people have - and the fears just beneath.




"Like Blood In A Darkroom" is a contemporary short story of approximately 5000 words. It is part of the ever-growing Shade of the Morning Sun-series of linked short stories about Carrie Sawyer, her friends and family and their journey to make the best of a messy life, from the mid-nineties and onwards.