Bring Me My Bow

Bring Me My Bow, #1

by David Flin

Publisher: Sea Lion Press

Product Description:

Seven years ago, Europe was nearly plunged into war. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated in Sarajevo, and diplomatic relations between Austria-Hungary and Serbia were extremely tense. Neither Russia and Germany were ready for a trial of strength, and both put pressure on their respective allies to reach a settlement.

War was narrowly avoided, but the tensions remained. The world has become used to these near-misses as the two blocs struggle to gain a significant advantage over each other. In Britain, life continues much as before, with the ruling class facing challenges from both outside the Empire, and also closer to home.

Thomas Cavendish, the son of a minor noble, has had a comfortable life in Derbyshire, with nothing more taxing than finding things to do to avoid boredom. That's about to change.