Angela Adisa. Troubled Waters: Retired Scientist. Loving Grandmother. Secret Agent.

Angela Adisa, #2

by Chris Lewis

Publisher: Alderbank House

Product Description:

Can you be an active secret agent in your eighties? The answer is yes!


Angela is the loving grandmother and a defender for would-be assassins. Missions are skillfully hidden from her family under the guise of 'cruise holidays'. Misconceptions of her ability due to age and appearance, she twists and uses to her advantage.


This is the second short story in the Angela Adisa action series. Angela has developed during her time as a secret agent for 'The Bridge Club' since recruitment in her late eighties. Her missions maintain global peace against their evil nemesis 'Rise Above Any Weakness' (RAAW).


In this story, Angela's family surprise her and join her on a cruise holiday. Unfortunately, it is cover for a mission. Now the stakes are higher than ever before – RAAW wants revenge. How can she complete the mission, keep her family in the dark and out of harm's way?


Previously published as Madam Rhino: Troubled Waters.