Your Fierce Love

The Bennett Family, #7

by Layla Hagen

Publisher: layla hagen

Product Description:

They say Blake Bennett is downright irresistible. They're mostly right.

I've never had to work too hard to fill my bed. One smile is usually all it takes.

I like it like that. With the men of my family dropping like flies into true love and marriage, it's nice to know one of us can still maintain the famous Bennett bachelor lifestyle. Even if they are starting to pressure me to join them.

So how has Clara Abernathy managed to resist all my charms?

Her sweetness and sass are a lethal combination, and I'm dying for just one taste.

Our family has treated her like one of our own for years. After spending her life in group homes, we've given her a place to belong. And after she needs a place to stay, I offer her a literal home next door to me. Yeah, maybe hooking up with me would be crossing a line. Just a little.

I know family friends are off-limits. She has professional conflicts on top of it. But she's filling a hole in me I didn't even know I had. Soon I have this bizarre compulsion to make her this happy too. I've always liked bending the rules, but will this be the one that finally breaks me?