The Wolfian issue 4


Publisher: The Wolfian Press

Product Description:

Progressive Postings, our column by Mathew Hulbert, focuses on the issue of Sustainable Development Goals and how they must ensure fairness for the world's poorest people

Political articles include 'Poverty of Care' by Patrice, and excerpts from the Steel Worker's Wife Blog by Anna Maven looking at recent events in Redcar. Other articles include 'JJ' by Ty Spencer Vossler, with the message that anyone can change, and Ripples by Violett Dragonlady.

Our Art Feature is the work of Rusty Gladdish and we feature the second part of 'Earworms' by Jonathan Doering, our serialised story. Part 1 is repeated in the ebook version of the magazine. We also introduce 'Doggerland' the first of a series of short stories by Ted Garvin.

Our Poets' Quarter has the work of five poets : Frederick Pollack, Bobbi Sinha-Morey, Gary Beck, Violett Dragonlady and Jessica Monica.

Our charity feature is raising money in memory of a loved one for a Pancreatic Cancer charity.