The Wolfian issue 2

The Wolfian


Publisher: The Wolfian Press

Product Description:

Issue 2 of the Wolfian includes Mathew Hulbert's regular column Progressive Postings, this issue on the subject of Youth Services. Articles cover a range of topical issues including the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, the Humanitarian crisis in Europe, foodbanks, welfare, and issues around anti-war protest. 

Featuring a cover using a photograph from Indian photographer Somnath Goswami, The Wolfian issue 2 also presents its regular Poets' Quarter with the work of four poets, as well as a travelogue by Brian G. Davies on his adventures and misadventures in North Wales. 

Charity features include raising funds for Cats' Protection, aid for refugees in the camps at Calais, and Sally's fund to send her terminally ill father on a cruise.