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Feature Highlight - Automated End-matter

One of the most common questions we’re asked by writers considering our service is, “What will you do to help me promote my book?” That expectation surprised us at first; we’re not a publisher, we’re a distributor, and traditionally the only promotion a publisher would expect from a distributor is availability.

Introduction to the Costs of Self-Publishing 101

Anytime I see a post titled “the costs of self-publishing,” I immediately get suspicious. So often, these posts are punditry making spurious claims and connecting disparate dots of information to “prove” that self-publishing is still somehow a terrible money-making idea and traditional publishing is the only way to make a living as a fiction writer. This series will most definitely not be that.

Sales Tools - An Introduction

Writers write for a million different reasons, and rarely just one. For pleasure. To memorialize. To exorcise personal demons. For posterity. Because there’s a story to tell. But everyone reading this post almost certainly has one reason in common: we write to sell. And there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s called commercial art, after all. Don’t miss the fact that there are two parts to that equation, both the commercial and the art.

And In This Corner...

Hello and welcome to the all-new, all-different Draft2Digital. Except, really, the only things that are new are the décor and this blog. We’re enjoying a brand refresh that we feel brings our public face more in line with the rock solid service our authors and publishers have come to expect from us.

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