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Do You Dogfood?

Although I draw from expertise throughout our company, you’ve mainly heard directly from me on this blog so far. Today, though, you have the good fortune of hearing the thoughts of Steed Brown, our Operations Manager. He’s a smart guy with a lot of interesting thoughts who is definitely the grease that keeps the D2D machine rolling. Steed has kind of a weird question to ask you. He wonders…do you dogfood?

Special Guest Post - Mark Dawson on Facebook Advertising

Recently we attended BookExpo America and UPublishU, a large publishing-industry conference and tradeshow. While there, we had the opportunity to host a panel that included the talented and wonderful AD Starrling. Dr. Starrling talked with great excitement about Mark Dawson and his knowledge on how to market your self-published books via Facebook ads. Our ears perked up, but we really got interested when she mentioned that Mr. Dawson planned to offer a paid course in addition to all the free advice he'd given on the subject.

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