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Inside BookBub with Carlyn Robertson // Self Publishing Insiders // EP030

Episode Summary

BookBub is one of the most recognizable and most powerful resources for authors to promote themselves and their work to a willing, world-wide audience. Carlyn Robertson—BookBub's Product Marketing Manager—joins us to talk about the service and how best to use it for promoting and marketing your books.

Absolutely Prolific Writing with Dean Wesley Smith // Self Publishing Insiders // EP029

Episode Summary

From film and TV adaptations to short stories to hundreds of stand-alone novels, Dean Wesley Smith is the role model for the prolific writer. His work includes fiction and non-fiction, with incredible, useful guides such as "Writing into the Dark." D2D's own Mark Leslie Lefebvre chats with Dean about his life, his work, and how he does it all.

Character Show & Tell - Better Characterization, Part 2

Building an Indie Publishing Empire with Michael and Judith Anderle // Self Publishing Insiders // EP028

Episode Summary

Everyone talks about "building an empire," but only a few take action and do what's needed to actually build one. Michael and Judith Anderle took a simple idea—write 20 books to make $50K—and turned it into a massive-scale publishing giant that has heads turning both inside and outside of indie publishing. Learn how they did it in this episode of SPI!

D2D Payment Splitting for Authors and Collaborators // Self Publishing Insiders // EP027

Episode Summary

Splitting the royalties on your box sets, coauthored books, and collaborative projects just got a lot easier, with D2D Payment Splitting! In this episode of SPI, the D2D team talks about this new and incredible feature, and how you can start using it RIGHT NOW. Go... shoo... what are you waiting for?!?

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